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Sweet MIDI Player 2.7

Sweet MIDI Player will let you play and modify MID and KAR files
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Sweet MIDI Player is a program that will let you play and modify MID and KAR files.
The program will read the files and will send the sound through your speakers, and will also display the lyrics, if available, in KAR files. The program´s interface will show you a mixer that you can use to view and modify the details of each instrument used in the MIDI file you are playing. You can change the volume of an instrument, or let it play a solo, or mute it completely. It is also possible to change the instrument played in the file with another that you like, By pressing the "Kar" button, the program will replace the instruments control in the screen, showing you the lyrics of the song you are playing, highlighting the part that must be sang at that moment.

You can load several files and the program can play them sequentially, if you choose the Jukebox mode. This way you can order the program to play up to five hundred themes. The evaluation version of this program will not let you save your playlist, or any modified MID or KAR file.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is very easy to use
  • It gives you absolute control over your MIDI files


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